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You wonder if they can see it in your eyes, lurking below the surface,
an iridescent substance worlds away from the “normal” black of their gazes.
Will they accept you?

What if you split your gaze into fractals?
Smaller pieces that can camouflage as an acceptable shade?
How much are you willing to break to ease your anxieties?

You hate this “normal”.
It wasn’t your fault that your eyes don’t fall into the category of acceptable.
It’s not your fault that you can never see the world with the same perspective.

The sky has always been multicolored to you,
the same way that your own image stares back at you,
vibrant and beautiful,
you wonder if others live in a black and white,
devoid of your particular kind of beauty.

Would their perspective change
if you switched gazes for a day?
If their eyes glittered
iridescent for an hour?

Truth be told,
there are only a few
people on this earth
you wish could see eye
to eye with you.
Maybe it’s your parents,
your friends or your partner,
or maybe it’s a person
you hold an inexplicable connection to.
You wonder if you’re brave enough
to reveal your true gaze to them.
There is too much to lose, always,
but how far are you willing to fall?

I don’t know about you, but I’m afraid of living with my eyes half shut.



It seems like this might have to be my reality for a little bit longer.

I just want you to know that you’re not alone.

Maybe one day our eyes will cross paths on the street, shining iridescent.

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